WWE WrestleMania 35 The Match Order Of PPV In MetLife Stadium

WWE’s whale of a WrestleMania card has just about taken forms with 16 matches announced and at least one surprise match seemingly in the air. At least 85 WWE Superstars will be featured in what is widely expected to be the longest WWE pay-per-view of all time.

With a card this massive, the match lineup matters now, more than ever. With multiple emotional moments embedded throughout these lineups, some matches could suffer while trying to follow a moment like Kurt Angle’s retirement or a history-making Kofi Kingston WWE Championship win.

As fans begin growing tired, being slotted deep in the card could be a death sentence in terms of crowd reaction. Some of the less-heralded matchups are sure to become sacrificial lambs in these scenarios.

Going on last in an era where WrestleMania politics have gone the way of socialism to get everybody involved, the women of the pre-announced main event should take pride in being considered the hottest act among a historically deep sea of performers. See More:

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